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How does the registration process work?

Do you know how the natural gas registration process works? In just six steps you can start to enjoy natural gas in your business.

1. Request connection

Request connection

Request connection from the gas distribution network to your business. A study on the economic savings you will obtain from changing energy will be made and a budget will be prepared for installation

2. Installation

Instalación gas

On receiving your registration request, an authorised installer will arrange to visit your premises or facilities. You may also directly contact a trusted installer of your own. 

3. Contract with the marketing company

Contract with the marketing company

When the installer lets you know that the installation is finalised and gives you a copy of the corresponding certificate, you must contract the energy from a natural gas sales company.


Important information consumers should know before entering into a contract: tariffs (LRT and deregulated) and marketing companiesCost of the connection and subscription charges in your autonomous region.

4. Verification


Once the connection request is recorded and the receipt certificates are received, Gas Natural Fenosa will arrange for a certifying company to visit your home to inspect the installation.

5. Contract activation

Activación de contrato


Within one week of installation of this service, the contract will be activated and the invoicing process will begin. 

6. Application of the offer

Aplicación de la oferta


Once the contract is activated, the amount corresponding to the offer/campaign you have taken up will be paid into your account.