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Supplier companies and their tariffs

You must sign your Gas Natural contract with a supplier company. You can opt for one of its deregulated tariffs, in competition with those of the other suppliers, or for last-resort tariffs (LRT).

1- The last-resort tariff is the regulated price at which suppliers of last resort sell natural gas to end consumers. Last-resort tariffs are set by the Administration.


Last-resort tariffs can be used by consumers that have gas-pipeline connections with a pressure under or equal to 4 bars and an annual consumption under 50,000 KWh.


There are two last-resort tariffs, depending on the customer's annual consumption:

a) T.1 for a consumption equal to or under 5,000 kWh/year. This is the usual consumption range in a household with a natural-gas cooker and/or boiler.

b) T.2 for a consumption over 5,000 KWh/year and equal to or below 50,000 kWh/year. This is the usual consumption range in a household with natural-gas central heating. 


The marketing companies that undertake to provide last-resort supplies are as follows:


- EDP Comercializadora de Último Recurso, S.A.

- Endesa Energía XXI, S.L.U.

- Gas Natural S.U.R. SDG, S.A.

- Iberdrola Comercialización de Último Recurso, S.A.U.


Last-resort tariffs


         Last-resort tariffs    


Last-resort suppliers


       Last-Resort Suppliers

2- Deregulated tariffs. If you wish, you can also hire your supply at a price and under conditions that are freely neogotiated with a supplier. You can consult several aspects of the natural-gas market on the CNMC webpage, in the Energy/Consumers/Natural Gas area; or by calling 914329600.


To make your choice, click on the following link to see the complete list of gas suppliers published by the National Committee for Markets and Competition (CNMC), with their corresponding telephone numbers. You can also consult its price comparison table and so choose the best option suited to your needs. 


Last-resort tariffs


    Deregulated tariff comparisons


 Comercializadoras liberalizadas


     Deregulated Suppliers