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Decentralising heating

Decentralised heating enables you to enjoy personalised comfort and use just the energy you need.


The benefits of decentralised heating

No more arguments about central heating with the community of property owners. You can enjoy the advantages of decentralised central heating now:


You choose how and when to enjoy your heat
Individual heating allows you to enjoy the temperature best suited to your needs without having to adapt to the preferences of everyone else in your building. With the thermostat programmer, it is you who decides when to turn the heating on or off and you choose the ideal temperature for your home at the different times of the day.

Pay for only what you consume

With an individual meter you only pay once you have consumed the energy, thus costs are controlled at all times Compared with other energies, natural gas is paid for only once consumed.

The existing radiator installation can me used
In many cases, when it is a ring distribution, all that is needed is to install an individual boiler in the home and connect to the circuit of radiators already installed.

Recover lost space
If the heating system in your community is decentralised, the space previously used for the boiler room can be reconverted for a new and better use.

Change to an individual heating system, it's easier than you think.


Ring heating circuit:

Ring heating circuit

The most usual installation system, given that the majority of communities have this type of distribution. In these cases, installing natural gas is very easy given that most of the works carried out a for installing the individual boiler in each of the homes, with no alteration to the existing radiators circuit. 

Column heating circuit:

Column heating circuit

If the community has this type of distribution, installing individual natural gas may be more complicated, given that the radiators are vertically join between the different floors of the building. Firstly a ring distribution is required and then the radiators joined to the individual boiler installed in the home.