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Thinking of your safety

Safety tips for your gas installation

Thinking of your safety

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Natural gas is a very safe energy, but you must follow its instructions for use to enjoy it with total peace of mind.


This video shows tips and instructions for keeping your installation safe and prolonging its useful life. 

Gas Natural Distribución offers an Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We explain how it all works!

How does it work?

How does the Gas Natural Distribución emergency service work?

This service covers both the operations necessary to eliminate or reduce any potential risk and actions to normalise gas supply.


To notify any emergency, call the free Emergency Service Helpline 900 750 750.


If you have any hearing and/or speech impediment, you can communicate with Gas Natural Distribución through the Telesor application on your mobile and with Telesor Web through any computer with Internet connection.

When should you call?

When should you call the Gas Natural Distribución safety and emergency line?

When you think there might be any risk caused by natural gas or you observe malfunctions in the supply, such as high or low pressure or a lack of gas. 



Gas Natural Distribución specialists will classify the action according to the risk or severity and will inform you on how to act.


If the problem cannot be solved over the telephone, they will send specialised Gas Natural Distribución personnel to eliminate the risks.


Find out how to identify specialised personnel from Gas Natural Distribución. 

You should know:

You should know

The Gas Natural Distribución Emergency Service does not cover repairing the gas installation from the building shutoff valve, unless said installation belongs to Gas Natural.


In the case of common areas of your building, it is the owner or their representative who must take responsibility for conservation and maintenance. Inside your home you must keep the installation in perfect condition and use it properly 

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