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Cut your costs

Natural gas, the most efficient energy for your home

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Natural gas is the most economic continuous supply energy on the market, with low maintenance costs and more stable prices.


As a continuous energy supply, it is always available and there is no need for tanks or storage.


Also, the equipment used is highly efficient and offers great heat potential with a small quantity of fuel. It therefore consumes less energy and the installation/replacement costs are recovered quickly.

Comparative energy study

The evolution of the energies unit price in (€/kWh) for consumption of 10,000 kWh/year.

According to the comparative energy study carried out by Gas Natural Distribución in October 2015, natural gas is the cheapest energy on the market, and has been since July 2009. 

*All prices include 21% VAT. The price of natural gas is calculated as that of the average of the three main sales agents. The channelled propane tariff is regulated. Published in the Official State Gazette No. 91 dated 16/04/2012. The price of diesel is calculated as 85% of the average market price, obtained from the official sampling from the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Case study with the installation of natural gas

A four-person household in a 100 m2 home in Seville (Andalusia), which used butane for hot water and cooking (15 meals a week) and electricity for heating had an annual expenditure of €1,152.12/year

After installing natural gas, they now pay €699.62/year
In other words, a total saving of €452.50/year (€37.71/month)


Case study with the installation of natural gas