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Verifying measuring equipment

Meter verification

At Gas Natural Distribución, we offer our consumers a metrology check service for the meters they own.

This service includes:

  • Assembly and disassembly of the temporary replacement meter, or spare meter if the customer has one.
  • Transfer and metrology checks on the meter at the lab.
  • If the meter passes the test: transfer, meter assembly and delivery of the corresponding certificate.


By way of reference, below are the prices for the verification of turbine meters:

Less than or equal to G-100 € 1,790.80
Between G-160 and G-400 € 1,929.95
Between G-650 and G-1600 (*) € 3,055.25


To request the prices for other meter types or to request a check be performed, please contact us at: umedicion@gasnatural.com.

The cost of a replacement meter is not included in the price, which will depend on the time it remains installed.

If the meter needs to be repaired or fails to pass the lab tests, the meter will be sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then send you the bill for repair of the equipment, which will require your approval before any action is taken.


Verification of volume conversion devices

Gas Natural Distribución offers consumers a service to check the volume conversion devices they own. 

This service includes:

  • Confirmation of the accuracy of the conversion device (convertor, pressure transmitter and temperature probe) at the premises of the consumer, and issue and delivery of the corresponding certificate.
  • Correction loop adjustment if outside the range of accuracy, only if permitted by the detected error margin.

                                         The cost per metering unit is €544.50/unit.

The conversion device check can only be carried out if the consumer’s installation has casing or a thermowell for the temperature probe and a shut-off valve for disconnecting the pressure between the meter inlet and the pressure transmitter inlet.

Legal Notice

These prices include 21% VAT.