Energy solutions

Environment-respecting solutions. Gas Natural Fenosa guarantees a sustainable home, a home with a higher environmental quality. Gas Natural Fenosa adapts to the changes taking place in the energy sector, offering the most modern and efficient services on the market. Solutions that bring greater benefits to our local area, improving living conditions in towns and caring for our environment.

Solar coupling

Solar coupling

The most efficient combination Bringing natural gas and solar power together. Power and care for the environment, in a single energy system.

Individualised vs Centralised

Individualised vs Centralised

The differences between our services. We provide you with information on the advantages and disadvantages of each system so you can make the best decisions for your projects.


Micro cogeneration

What is micro-cogeneration? Micro-cogeneration (also known in English as micro-CHP, or micro combined heat and power) is the simultaneous production of electricity and useful heat from a fuel, usually...

Gas engine driven heat pumps

Gas powered heat pumps

What is a gas engine driven heat pump (GHP)? Gas engine driven heat pumps are a heat pump air conditioning system in which the compressor runs on an internal combustion engine using natural gas as fuel.