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Benefits and uses

With natural gas, there are only benefits. If you choose natural gas as the energy source for future homes, all you'll see before you are benefits. It is the ideal form of energy to act as a bridge to the use of renewable energy sources, as recognised by the International Energy Agency. It is an energy source which is highly valued by potential residents of new homes. It also helps to preserve the Environment, a responsible and safe form of energy.

Table summarising benefits

Benefits and uses

Making the most of the energy

Every application gets the best of the energy produced by natural gas. With individual contracts available for each household, the end user can choose the energy service they require in their home.

Select a product and see the economic and use benefits offered by our energy service.


Table comparing it to other sources of energy

Unequalled efficiency and effectiveness

When compared to other energy sources currently available, the advantages of natural gas become even more evident.

Do the test yourself by analysing the following table.

  Gas Natural Butane / propane (bottles) Propane in bulk Electricity Gas-oil
Continuous supply Yes No No Yes No
Power available Unlimited Limited to vaporisation in bottles Limited to vaporisation in tank Limited to contracted power Limited capacity of tank
Simultaneous use  All gas appliances available  Limited capacity of bottles  Limited capacity of tank  Limited to contracted power  Associated with a type of appliance
Paid for  After consumption  Before consumption  Before consumption  After consumption  Before consumption
Control of consumption  Yes, by meter  No  No  Yes, by meter  No
Pending delivery company  No  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Storage  No  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Environmental Impact  Low  Low  Low  High  Medium