Find out about the laws and codes that govern the energy market. Only this way will you make the right decisions for your projects.

Knowledge under control

To ensure your installations are fit for purpose you need to be up-to-date with the regulations and laws that govern the energy product installation market.

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European Regulations

Documents table 00_Reglamentacion europea
Report Name Description Files

Directive 2002-91 on energy efficiency


Directive 2006-32 on energy end-use efficiency


Directive 2009-28 on energy use from renewable resources


Directive 2009-125 on ecological design requirements


Directive 2010-30 on standardised labelling and information on energy consumption


Directive 2010-31 on energy efficiency in buildings


Green Paper on energy efficiency


Green Paper on the security of energy supply


Kyoto Protocol


National regulations

Documents table 01_Reglamentacion espanola
Report Name Description Files

Technical Building Code Basic Document on Saving Energy


E4 - Spanish Energy Efficiency and Saving Strategy 2004-2012


RD 47-2007 Energy Certificate for buildings


RD 187-2011 on ecological design requirements


RD 1699-2011 on power production facility connections to the grid


RITE - Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings


Technical Regulations on the Distribution and Use of Gas Fuels


Regional regulations

Documents table 02_Reglamentacion autonomica
Report Name Description Files


Decree 169-2011 Fostering renewable energies regulation


Eco-efficiency Decree


Decree 21-2006 about eco-efficiency measures in buildings

La Rioja

Resolution dated 10 November 2010 about the inspection procedure for facilities


Documents table Organismos
Report Name Description Files

Spanish Gas Association


Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving


Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism

Min. for Industry, Energy and Tourism

National Energy Commission