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Benefits of gas

Natural gas helps to increase customer satisfaction with a more efficient service and much simpler and more convenient management. Your customers will ultimately enjoy greater comfort and savings, with better control of the energy costs and consumption efficiency in their homes. Customers will receive all the convenience of heating, hot water and cooking, and the maximum savings, because it is currently the cheapest continual energy supply on the market. All the problems of odours and lack of space in community areas due to not having to store it will be eliminated.

Changing to natural gas is very simple because a complete advice and technical assistance service is offered, and the company will be present in the design and optimisation of the energy project, the assembly and commissioning of the facilities and their maintenance.


Natural gas

Natural gas, the most respectful energy to the environment

Natural gas is the best way of meeting thermal requirements in homes.

Its multiple benefits include greater supply intensity, which enables the simultaneous use of as many appliances as desired, with the maximum performance, given that provides all its power from the moment it is switched on. 

Care for the environment

Natural gas, the most respectful energy to the environment. It is used just as it is when it is extracted from the earth. Its combustion does not generate solid residues, only steam and water and a minimal emission of gases. Compared with other fuels, it does not emit sulphur (SO2) into the atmosphere, the element which is responsible for acid rain. Also, the CO2 emissions, which cause the greenhouse effect, are 25% less than those of diesel and 42% less than those of coal.

Economical energy for the consumer

Natural gas is currently the most economic continuous supply energy on the market for any level of consumption. As it is a gaseous fuel and does not contain impurities, it guarantees efficient combustion, keeps burners adjusted for much longer, avoiding increased consumption due to poor adjustment, and reduces the maintenance cost of the appliances.
With natural gas, the end consumers will enjoy greater comfort in their homes with appliances that are easier to use and high-performance, and that generate the same amount of heat as other energies at a lower cost.

The community of owners chooses the best alternative

Natural gas

We offer the best solution catering for our clients' needs:

a) Individual supply of natural gas for each home: each user will be able to choose how and when to enjoy heating, paying only for what has been consumed and controlling consumption.

b) Centralised energy supply for hot water and heating: By using natural gas, continuous supply is ensured, and as there is no need for a special room for its storage, that space is freed for the community of owners to use for other purposes.

c) Mixed solution: Centralised heating and individual hot water supply.

Unparalleled efficiency and efficacy

When natural gas is compared with other energies currently available, the advantages are more evident.

Check it for yourself by analysing the following table:

  Natural gas Butane / propane (bottles) Bulk propane Electricity Diesel
Continuous supply Yes No No Yes No
Available power Unlimited Limited to bottle vaporisation Limited to tank vaporisation Limited to contracted power Limited to tank capacity
Simultaneous use  All gas appliances available  Limited to bottle capacity  Limited to tank capacity  Limited to contracted power  Associated to one type of appliance
Paid for  After consumption  Before consumption  Before consumption  After consumption  Before consumption
Consumption control  Yes, by meter  No  No  Yes, by meter  No
Distributed pending  No  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Storage  No  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Environmental impact  Low  Low  Low  High  Medium