What is the SCTD

The development of a computer application to be used by all distributors of natural gas in the Spanish market allows for the simplification of procedures, the standardisation of communications and reduced costs for all agents involved.

What is the SCTD

The SCTD, Transport-Distribution Communication System, is a common, standardised computer system to be used by all natural gas distributors operating in Spain. It has been developed by the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS), and aims to meet the communication needs of different agents as a result of the legal requirements which have arisen since the liberalisation of said market.

Among other procedures relating to ATR contracts, the SCTD can be used to perform data queries on supply points, measurements, distribution, programmes and nominations, etc.

Communication interfaces

Documents table 01_Interfases comunicacion
Report Name Description Files

SCTD communication interfaces between Distributors and Marketing Companies (BLOCK 1)

In this folder you will find both the description of the data format and the information for each field for every communication message available in the different operating modules in the SCTD of Gas Natural Distribución SDG S.A.

SCTD communication interfaces between Distributors and Marketing Companies (BLOCK 2)


Master Code Tables

Documents table 02_Tablas Codigos Maestros
Report Name Description Files

Tables of Master Codes Marketing Companies

This document establishes the codes of the files for the exchange of information between Distributors and Marketing Companies. The codes are grouped into tables and instructions are given on how to code the different fields that form part of all SCTD messaging.